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The BMW M6 combined with an iPE system produces an extremely loud and aggressive sound for anyone behind the steering wheel who is searching for a spirited driving experience. With the V8 biturbo engine design, the full system will be connected by the two exhaust pipes from both sides of the bank, to a pair of non-catalysts down pipe for countries who have no regulations, and for customers who want maximum performance with no compromise, or simply matching the factory down pipe with our iPE catback system to be environmentally conscious. Then the exhaust flows through our uniquely designed x-pipe in order to reduce the exhaust pulses and turbulence for a more efficient flow which prevents torque loss under low revs and quick spooling of the turbos, providing maximum performance throughout the rev range.

Our full Valvetronic exhaust delivers performance and factory like regulations, all accessible via the factory Drive logic mode buttons. In Sport and Sport + mode, the system detects the engine RPM signal to automatically open the valve movements earlier for a sportier progressive driving experience, to provide maximum flow and power, unleashing a unique and breath-taking sound of rumbles and burbles in low revs and crackling to popping at high revs when accelerating. In Comfort mode, the system detects the engine RPM signal to automatically adjust the valve movements to factory car like principles, maintaining legal sound restrictions where applicable for a comfortable cruise through quiet neighbourhoods or for a passenger who has fallen asleep.

Each part of the exhaust system is individually designed to perfectly fit onto the BMW M6. Only the finest materials were chosen for the muffler internals to create a unique and breath-taking sound that will trickle those feelings and senses, sending them into your mind, giving you a bit of freedom away from the busy stressful working environment or for drivers who want a bit of attention grabbing sound.

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