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Privacy Policy

By accessing the browser on the website frbodystyling.com, or by using any content thereof, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy of this website.

  1. The services of this website are made available by Veloso & Faria wholesale, lda. Sole company owner (hereinafter FRbodystyling), owner of the website www.frbodystyling.com and responsible for the automatic files derived from it. FRbodystyling guarantees the integrity and full compliance with the obligations under Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, as well as those provided for in its regulations, as approved by the Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December (LOPD and RLOPD) and other applicable regulations.
    2. This declaration is intended to inform users of the policy of protection of personal data adopted by the website Frbosystyling.com, in situations in which personal data are collected through a form.
    3. FRbodystyling reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy in accordance with regulatory or self-regulatory requirements, so it is recommended that users read it regularly.
    4. Recognizing the importance of protecting the privacy of information provided by users on its Website, Frbodystyling, through the Department, makes every effort to respect the users right to privacy and to treat any personal data in accordance with legally permissible terms To the data recorded on this page. However, if you detect any breach of data security, please send an email to: geral@frbodystyling.com .
    5. The collection of user information for future communications of FRbodystyling is consented to by the user upon confirmation that he accepts to receive information from the company. Personally identifiable information, including name and e-mail address, will be collected and processed by FRbodystyling, with the express consent of the user. FRbodystyling will not disclose personal information collected to third parties without the prior consent of the users and holders of such data.
    6. FRbodystyling is aware of the use and the treatment to be provided in relation to the personal data of users, required or obtained from your Website. As such, the collection and processing of data is performed by the Frbodystyling team, in order to contribute to the management and improvement of the services provided or to send information, institutional or commercial communication (of products or services) that may be Interest to the user.
    7. The necessary means shall be implemented in order to guarantee the security of the personal data, thus avoiding its alteration, loss or unauthorized access, considering the state of the technology, in accordance with the provisions of the RLOPD. However, it is impossible for FRbodystyling to guarantee the complete infallibility of the Internet and, consequently, the occurrence of data breach through fraudulent third-party access.
    8. The Frbodystyling.com server uses SSL technology (SecureSocketLayer). SSL technology allows securely transmitting all types of personal data requested in a transaction, such as name, address or credit card number. SSL is a data encoding so that only those involved in a transaction can interpret them. SSL prevents people who are unrelated to the transaction from intercepting transactions and knowing their content.
    9. FRbodystyling uses cookies on its website to optimize the user’s snowing and using this mechanism it is possible to recognize the user in his different visits to the website. In the cookies used by the company do not store personal information, considered sensitive, such as your bank details, among others. Cookies are also not used on this website for the purpose of directing advertising to our users due to their navigation, nor for any other advertising purposes of our own or third parties. The information stored in cookies through the site Frbodystyling.com is exclusively used by our company with the intention of improving its services. If you disable cookies, FRbodystyling is not responsible for any malfunction of the page (disabling cookies may result in slower browsing on this website as well as in others, and prevent access to certain content).
    10. Users are responsible for the accuracy of all information provided and are responsible for notifying Frbodystyling.com of any changes there to, thus leaving FRbodystyling free of any liability at this level.
    11. Users may exercise their rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition to the data, by means of written communication, to the electronic address geral@frbodystyling.com, or to the address indicated in point 1 of this document, identifying, With name and email of registration in this website, indicating if you want to cancel, rectify or remove your data (account or newsletter).
    12. Frbodystyling informs that in cases where its users have requested the sending of commercial messages, they can cancel this type of communication, by removing their email in the communication received in their electronic mailbox, or in writing, sending emails to request its cancellation to the following address: geral@frbodystyling.com .
    13. FRbodystyling, under Law 34/2002, of 11 July on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, will not send to users, whatever the circumstance, publicity or communications for the purpose of sale or other commercial nature , Without prior request or consent from them. Please note that no unsolicited or previously authorized e-mails or email streams will be sent.
    14. Users of the Frbodystyling.com website accept the terms and conditions expressed in this Privacy Policy.