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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of use of the website

Introduction to the terms and conditions:

This page describes the Terms and conditions of use of the website Frbodystyling.com and implies the acceptance by the users of the services provided by the same. Any person, single or collective, who wishes to access the website or to contract the products / services marketed by Frbosystyling.com through its page, can do it, All you have to do is register and accept the terms and Conditions, as well as all the other rules and principles governing the use of the website and the contracting of services provided by Veloso & Faria wholesale, Lda. (henceforth FRbodystyling), domiciled at Rua Monte de Rabadas No. 12 4720-387 Ferreiros-Amares, with VAT Number 508259460, (E-mail address: geral@bodystyling.com, guarantees the integrity and full compliance with the obligations under Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, as well as those provided for in its Regulations, as approved By Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December (LOPD and RLOPD) and other applicable regulations.

These terms and conditions are of mandatory acceptance and binding, if you do not accept them, you will not be able to use the services / products marketed by the website. During registration process, you must express your agreement with the website terms and conditions of use as well as the website Privacy Policy. In this sense, the user will be asked to read the contents of all these clauses in details, since they include relevant information about their rights, how their personal data are obtained and processed, and the rules that regulate and bind the relationship between FRbodystyling.com and its users.
Frbodystyling.com reserves the right to change or modify the Terms and Conditions, and the new wording becomes binding from the moment it is published on the website, therefore it is recommended to read them regularly or from the when the user is informed of it, whichever occurs first. By accepting the Terms and Conditions of use of FRbosystyling.com, the user declares that he is greater and that he has legal capacity to contract according to the Portuguese civil law.

  1. Objectives of the website

Frbodystyling.com assumes the following objectives: (1) to market automobile parts (2) to market any and all products that are connected to the automotive industry as well as other parts that can increase their efficiency.
Frbosystyling periodically checks the access to all lincks in order to ensure their correct functioning, avoiding to defraud the expectations of the consumers, being able to carry out its alteration or elimination if it deems necessary.
2.Register on the website
To register on the website you must go to http://wp.frbodystyling.com/a-minha-conta/ and fill in the form with username, email and password to access.

3.Remove Account Registration or Newsletter Subscription
If you wish to remove your account, you must notify the company by sending an email to geral@frbodystyling.com and requesting the removal of your client account. The company is responsible for removing the account, responding to the requested request, with the indication that the account has been removed. In case the user wishes to cancel the communication reception or Registration in the Newsletter can do it, through the communication “Remove” or sending, an e-mail to geral@frbodystyling.com , identifying the name and contact e-mail, and Request the cancellation of communications from FRbodystyling.
4.Privacy and Protection of Personal Data
FRbodystyling recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of the information made available by users on its website and in this regard makes every effort to respect the right to privacy of users and to treat any personal data in the terms legally admissible, in relation to the registered data this page. All identifiable information, such as name and email address, will only be collected with the express consent of the user. FRbodystyling will not disclose personal information collected to third parties without the prior written consent of users and holders of such data. Users can also, on frbodystyling.com page, access “My account” after logging in, and in the account exit panel they will be able to view recent orders, edit their delivery address and billing address and their personal data , As well as changing the access password.
FRbodystyling uses cookies on its website to optimize the user’s snowing and using this mechanism it is possible to recognize the user in his different visits to the website. In the cookies used by the company do not store personal information, considered sensitive, such as your bank details, among others. Cookies are also not used on this website for the purpose of directing advertising to our users due to their navigation, nor for any other advertising purposes of our own or third parties. The information stored in cookies through the site frbodystyling.com is exclusively used by our company with the intention of improving its services. If you disable cookies, FRbodystyling is not responsible for any malfunction of the page (disabling cookies may result in slower browsing on this website as well as in others, and prevent access to certain content).
The frbodystyling.com server uses SSL technology (SecureSocketLayer). SSL technology allows securely transmitting all types of personal data requested in a transaction, such as name, address or credit card number. SSL is a data encoding so that only those involved in a transaction can interpret them. SSL prevents people who are unrelated to the transaction from intercepting transactions and knowing their content.

  1. Intellectual Property

NOTICE REGARDING COPYRIGHT.  © FRbodystyling. All rights reserved. Any rights that are not expressly given are reserved. The information provided on this website is the responsibility of FRbodystyling and respects the intellectual property rights of third parties.

6.Terms and Conditions of Sale

The main methods of payment are accepted: bank transfer, PayPal, ATM reference or other method that the client wishes and is previously agreed with the company.
Transactions at frbodystyling.com are safe. The customer’s credit card number is transmitted directly over SSL to a secure electronic safe. At some point the customer’s credit card information is stored on our servers. Pursuant to article 10 of Decree-Law no. 24/2014, the consumer has 14 days to resolve the contract freely. In case of exercise of right of withdrawal, the consumer will be responsible for the cost of returning the goods. In case of return of goods, the buyer is responsible for returning the product purchased in the original box without presenting any damages in either  the box or the product. Otherwise it is up to FRbodystyling whether or not to exchange or return the product.


If you are a holder of a coupon issued by FRbodystyling, at the time of purchase, enter your coupon code to redeem it.

  1. Commercial Guarantees, After-Sales Assistance and After-Sales Conditions

The present Website guarantees that the product or service purchased will be made available as soon as it is paid. Thus, there is confirmation of payment by existing payment methods.
In case of problems with product availability, Frbodystyling will try to find a solution that is beneficial to the customer. In that case, send us an email to geral@frbodystyling.com .
After the purchase of a product or service marketed by FRbodystyling the customer will have at his disposal a support team to guide him and answer all questions and concerns.

9.Relatives and Dispute Resolution

The complaint system is the responsibility of Frbodystyling, who can be contacted through the following form: http://wp.frbodystyling.com/contactos/
In order to make a complaint, you must complete the complaint form or send an email to geral@frbodystyling.com , indicating in both cases: Name, email, telephone contact and description of the complaint.
FRbodystyling is committed to developing all kinds of efforts to handle complaints and satisfy the consumer within 24 hours of the claim, by e-mail or via the form.

The complaint will be resolved, respecting the legal rights of the consumer and ensuring that it does not entail additional costs for the consumer.
If the handling of the complaint is not to your liking, there are accessible and independent external mechanisms that you can use

10.Regulation of Advertising

FRbodystyling, under Law 34/2002, of 11 July on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, will not send to users, whatever the circumstance, publicity or communications for the purpose of sale or of other commercial nature, without Prior request or consent from them. Please note that no unsolicited or previously authorized e-mails or email streams will be sent.

  1. Child Protection

For the purposes of data collection it is understood that a child is less if the age of the child is less than or equal to 13 years. For the purposes of e-commerce, a child is understood to be a minor if his age is 16 years or less. For the purposes of disclosure of material restricted to adults, it is understood that a child is less if he or she is less than 18 years of age.
It should be noted that FRbodystyling allows parents or guardians to exercise their rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition to the data of their children or guardians. It should also be stressed that the company will encourage children to consult them before providing any data.
The products or services marketed through the website cannot be purchased by individuals who do not have legal capacity to contract as well as underage. For the acquisition of products made by minors or incapacitated, the respective parents, guardians or guardians will be called to account. The acquisition of services by these will be fulfilled in their exercise of the right of legal representation that they have.

12.Functionality and availability of the website

FRbodystiling reserves the right to change, to limit or to cancel, at any moment, the functionalities inherent in its WEB page, as long as these do not imply purchase agreements already entered into.
Although Frbodystyling.com strives to provide a service without any technical problems, eventually its use may be limited and / or temporarily interrupted in case of maintenance or upgrades or other problems. Data loss may occur eventually.
FRbodystyling cannot assume any guarantee regarding the availability of the service or the absence of technical problems or data loss, which does not concern you, although we make every effort to ensure the availability of the website.